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South Slope Reclamation and Consulting is a full service reclamation company located in the Uintah Basin specializing in land reclamation and soil amendments of every profile.  We are qualified by the State of Utah, Bureau of Land Management, Ute Tribe and private land owners on the south slope of the Uintah mountain range.

In the reclamation process, we recover disturbed and destroyed land surfaces to mimic and blend into its original surroundings.  We focus mainly in gas, oilfield and mining land. Our goal is to have passable qualitative and quantitative reclamation results within two growing seasons. 

We offer reclamation including any and all desert-related plant seeds available in the Rocky Mountain region.  South Slope Reclamation & Consulting also has services including GPS maping, oil spill clean up, water course shoaling, retaining walls, brush hogging, removal of fire fuels and waste wood, wood mulching, reseeding, erosion control, soil stabilization, ground restoration, dirt work, culverts and cattle guard installation.  We are also able to fix and maintain any and all water lines, ditches, canals and streams, and offer consulting services to include site construction planning and construction. 

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